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Primed Bead & Butt MDF Cladding

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Primed Bead & Butt Cladding

Our Bead & Butt Cladding panels are available in in full size, untrimmed, sheets (2440mm x 1220mm) or cut to size to suit your your project. The panels come in two orientations, portrait (tall and thin) for panels over 1220mm, and up to 2440mm, high. And landscape (low and wide) for panels 1220 high or less.

Bead and Butt cladding is a popular choice for a number of rooms, and projects, around the home including, but not limited to…

  • Bathroom wall panelling.
  • Feature walls in kitchens.
  • Utility room wall cladding.
  • Cladding for Boot rooms.

Whichever room you are looking to upgrade, you can be sure our precision cut bead an butt cladding panels will add value and style to your home.


Bead & Butt MDF cut to size

If you know the panel sizes you need, simply type in  the dimensions and we will accurately cut your panels to size. By default, we will always cut your panels from left to right starting with a chamfered edge (no bead) and, if the panels are ordered in multiples of 100mm, finishing with a bead (see photo).

If you would like us to calculate the panel sizes for you we would recommend you visit our Bead & Butt panelling, online ordering page. Here you will be able to select the the height you require, the width of each wall and well will work out the cuts sizes to precisely fit each wall.


Dado rail for bead & butt cladding

If you are planning on installing anything other than full height panels, you may want to consider our dado rail for bead and butt cladding. The dado is designed with a 9mm rebate to sit slightly (10mm) over your panels and to avoid any unsightly cracks or joins where they meet.

Our dado provides the perfect solution to finish off your bead and butt project and its profile has been chosen to compliment the period character of the cladding and the room it will be used in.

We also provide a good quality, universal, adhesive and caulk for fixing your cladding panels and dado.

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