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Plywood Cut to Size & Delivered

Our extensive stock of sheet materials includes a selection of the most popular Plywood panel products, in the most commonly used thicknesses. If you require plywood cut to size and delivered, we will have it in stock and ready to go.

As with each of the services we provide, customer service, attention to detail and quality are our main focus, our plywood cutting service is no different, so you can be certain your cut to size Plywood panel requirements will be fulfilled professionally.

Our experienced team has been processing and cutting Plywood sheets since 1991 and have literally, over the years, cut and processed thousands of sheets of plywood accurately and on time.

We also provide bespoke laminated plywood for plywood shelves, desks and many other commercial and DIY plywood projects.

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    Plywood cut to size near me

    “Where can I get Plywood cut to size near me?” is the question, “right here” is the answer. If you are looking for Plywood cut to size near you, our online service provides a prompt, reliable service covering the vast majority of the UK mainland.

    Whether you are looking for Plywood cut to size in London or Marine ply cut to size in Leeds, our prompt, on-line, custom cut plywood service ensures that you will have the panels you need in the quickest time possible. Always within 3-5 days and sometimes sooner.

    If you are looking for Plywood cut to size in Northampton, or somewhere close enough to collect, we can, with a few hours notice, provide a same day Plywood cut to size service. 

    A composed photo showing tow piece of Birch Plywood cut to size and stacked on top of each other. The top piece is 12mm thick Birch Plywood, the bottom piece is 18mm thick Birch Plywood.

    Birch Plywood Cut to size

    When it comes to plywood, we process more Birch Plywood Cut to size than any other variety. One of the main reasons for this is it’s increased popularity for bedroom wardrobe designs as well as plywood kitchen and bespoke plywood furniture designs..

    Birch Ply differs from all other plywood due to its increased number of layers, or plies. It is this layering which gives it its distinctive plywood edge grain and which has helped its increase in popularity.

    Top tip

    To bring out the best in Birch Plywood finishing we recommend either a good quality Polyurethane Varnish or OSMO Polyx. Either will provide moisture resistance and enhance the beauty of the edge grain.

    Formica Laminated Plywood

    We offer a bespoke HPL laminating service that can provide Formica Laminated Plywood to your own colour and specification.

    Birch plywood is perfect for bespoke, laminated, plywood furniture items such as laminated plywood shelving, laminated plywood desks & table tops as well as laminated birch plywood kitchen doors.

    In addition to Formica’s impressive range of colours and textures we can also offer laminates from other manufacturers such as Polyrey, Egger & Geaves. We can also produce “on-trend”  Fenix laminated birch plywood for the ultimate in, ultra matt , laminated plywood chic.

    Whichever option you choose, you can be confident our plywood laminating service will deliver perfect results for your project, every time.

    A custom built bespoke black laminated plywood desk on hairpin legs with an office chair and dressed with props for photo graphic purposes
    A studio photo of a white melamine faced birch plywood kitchen base unit with an inset door with a cut out handle design

    Melamine Faced Birch Plywood

    Melamine Faced Birch Plywood is, in our opinion, a truly stunning product. It’s factory finished melamine face is applied during production to both sides of either 12mm or 18mm plywood boards. Most commonly available in white or grey, its hygienic, easy to clean, surface, is ideal for a range of projects including office and classroom furniture, shopfitting, wall cladding and other decorative panel applications. 

    We have used white Melamine faced plywood on a number of projects including bespoke kitchen cabinets, storage space solutions for boot rooms and utility areas, and for plywood wardrobes.

    Bespoke Plywood Shelves Cut to Size

    Our cutting service is perfect for plywood shelves cut to size online, birch plywood shelves being the most popular choice.  Our in-house, panel cutting enables us to cut your plywood shelves to any length, width, or thickness you require. 

    In addition to cutting, we can also add rounded, bevelled or “shark nose” (see image to the left) edge details to create your perfect plywood shelves.

    If you are looking for Plywood shelves cut to shape, or plywood floating shelves, our CNC routing capability allows us to manufacture bespoke plywood shelves to your exact specifications.

    Once your shelves have been made, we can also offer pre-sanded edges ready to lacquer or we can lacquer the shelves for you.

    CNC machined triangular plywood shelves with 30 degree edge detail siting on Hairpin Leg Co Prism shelf brackets

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    Plywood Cutting and Delivery Service

    Our Plywood cutting service is focussed on precision and accuracy. Our investment in the latest panel cutting and sizing technology ensure our panels are always square and millimetre perfect.

    Once your Plywood panels have been cut to size, we need to make sure they arrive with you safely and ready for use. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving your panels and then discovering they are damaged. At CNC Creations, we go that extra mile to ensure your order is carefully packed and properly protected to give it the best chance of arriving with you safely and undamaged.

    If you are looking to buy plywood online and cut to size, please give us a call on the number below, or send us an email, for a competitive quote and a perfect service.

    For all your Plywood cut to size enquiries, call us now on : 01604 864888