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Quilt Effect MDF Panels

3D panels

Quilt Effect Panels

Currently available in two variations, small and large, which can be supplied in an unprimed or primed finish. 

Our modern Quilt Effect MDF Panels are available in a range of sheet sizes and a cut-to-size option upon request to meet your bespoke project requirements. 

Geometric 3D Panelling is perfect for feature walls in hotels and bars, as well as a range of other commercial and domestic interior projects. 


Q: What variations are available for Quilt Effect MDF Panels?

Our Quilt Effect MDF panelling is available in two pattern finishes, both small and large. These variations provide options for creating distinct visual patterns on your walls, allowing you to choose the size of quilted effect that best suits your aesthetic. Additionally, these panels can be supplied in either an unprimed or primed finish, offering flexibility in achieving the desired look for your interior spaces.


Q: What sheet sizes are available for Quilt Effect MDF Panels?

Our modern Quilt Effect MDF Panels are available in a range of sheet sizes, providing versatility to accommodate different project requirements. Whether you’re working on a small residential accent wall or a larger commercial feature, our sheet sizes ensure that you can achieve your desired coverage to make the most impact. Our cut-to-size option allows for a bespoke solution tailored to your specific project dimensions.


Q: What type of project are Quilt Effect Panels ideal for?

Quilt effect panelling and its geometric 3D panelling design are perfect for creating feature walls in a variety of settings. These panels add a modern and dynamic element to interior spaces, making them particularly well-suited for hotels, bars, and other commercial environments. In addition to commercial spaces, Quilt Effect MDF Panels can enhance the visual appeal of domestic interiors, bringing a contemporary touch to living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas where a unique and stylish finish is desired.

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