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Ribbed MDF Panels

Mini Ribbed wardrobe doors

Ribbed MDF Panels

Reeded, Beaded or Ribbed MDF Panels, as we prefer to call our popular decorative wall panel solution, are suitable for a number of applications including restaurant wall cladding, cladding for bar fronts and many other domestic and commercial purposes.

Our mini ribbed panelling is also suitable for creating ribbed drawer fronts and ribbed shaker doors for luxury wardrobe designs.

Made from Moisture Resistant MDF (MR MDF is better for painting) our Ribbed MDF panels are available primed or un-primed (raw) and in a range of standard sheets sizes. Our in-house capabilities also allow us to offer cut to size and spray finishing upon request.

Small Ribbed mdf panel

If you are looking for a Small Ribbed, Decorative MDF Panel for your next interior design project, our Mini Ribbed Panelling is the perfect solution.

As standard, the panels are available in two thicknesses, two sheet sizes and in two orientations. However, and as the panels are produced in-house, we can provide a range of variations.

Our standard panels are 12 or 15mm thick. Upon request, we can provide 22mm, 25mm or 30mm thick panels. 22mm and 25mm being ideal for ribbed effect wardrobe or kitchen doors.

Sheet sizes are available in 2400 or 3000mm high x 1200mm wide (portrait, tall & thin) or 1200 high x 2400 or 3000mm wide (landscape, short and wide), each with vertical ribs.

The bespoke nature of our business allows to adjust spacings to cater for precise cut to size panels and adjust the angle of the orientation to allow for angled ribbed panels where and when required.


Mini Ribbed cabinet doors

Soft Ribbed Effect Panels


Q: What are Ribbed MDF Panels?

Ribbed MDF Panels are a decorative wall panelling that has been machined from medium-density fibreboard (MDF). The panels feature a distinctive ribbed (also known as beaded) design on the face.

Ribbed panels feature parallel rounded ridges/beads that run along the length, or width, of the board, to create texture and visual interest to the material.

Q: What is the difference between Ribbed and Beaded Panels?

Beaded Panels is just another name for Ribbed Panels. Personally, we prefer the latter term to describe our product.

Q: How can I use Ribbed MDF Panels?

Ribbed MDF Panels are versatile and can be used for various domestic and commercial interior design projects. They are often used for cladding walls, kitchen islands, decorative kitchen and wardrobe door inserts, and commercial bar cladding.

Q: Are Ribbed MDF Panels Moisture Resistant?

Yes, our Ribbed MDF Panels are Moisture Resistant. We only use the best quality MR MDF for each of our 3D Decorative MDF Panel products.

Using MR MDF ensures our panels are suitable for use in Kitchens and Bathrooms. It also makes the panels easier to paint with a lot less effort required to get a great finish.

Please note; Our Black Dyed Ribbed MDF panels, and Black Dyed Panel Products, are not moisture resistant and should be sealed all round before use in areas prone to moisture.

Q: What sizes are available for Ribbed MDF Panels?

CNC Creations offer Ribbed MDF Panels in a range of standard sizes based on full size 8×4, or 10×4, full size sheets.

We also offer a cut to size service to cater for a range of different projects. Please visit our product pages individually to view the sizing options, alternatively if you’re looking for more bespoke sizes, contact us today.

Q: Can Ribbed MDF Panels be painted or finished?

Our Ribbed MDF Panels can be painted or finished to suit your desired colour scheme or design aesthetic.

We offer the option of raw (un-primed) or pre-primed Ribbed MDF panels. The raw un-primed boards will require sanding and priming at least twice before top coating.

The primed option is sanded before the first and second coats and only requires a light sand before top coating.

Whichever option you choose, we would always recommend a minimum two coats with sanding in between coats, to get the best finish.

Q: Can I use Ribbed MDF Panels for DIY projects?

Our Ribbed MDF Panels are suitable for DIY enthusiasts looking to add a contemporary and textured touch to their interior projects.

With a reasonable level of DIY skills, they can be cut, shaped, and installed with basic woodworking tools. Alternatively, we can cut to your panels to your required dimensions to reduce the amount of work involved.

Q: Is Ribbed Panelling environmentally friendly?

Our Ribbed Panelling is made from MDF. MDF is predominantly made from waste wood fibres and is bonded with low Formaldehyde adhesives. The former ensures sustainably, the latter, ultra low risk of Formaldehyde toxicity.

If Formaldehyde in MDF is a concern, this HSE article may be of use, and may help to reassure you regarding use of MDF.

Q: Can CNC Creations Ribbed MDF Panels be used for commercial projects?

Yes, our Ribbed MDF Panels are suitable for both residential and commercial projects. They can add a touch of sophistication and contemporary design to commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels, offices, and retail stores.

Q: What other Ribbed products do you offer?

We offer a range of Ribbed products, including;

If you require a competitive quote for a large scale commercial project, feel free to get in touch.

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