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V Groove MDF Panels

V groove wall panelling

V Groove MDF Panels

Our stunning V Grooved panels are now available in six standard pitch variations, three panel thicknesses and various groove width/depth options.

Made from the highest quality Moisture Resistant MDF, our panels will require less sanding, and will achieve a better paint finish when compared to lower quality MR MDF and inferior Std MDF products.

With our wide range of options, and the quality of the materials we use, you can be sure your project will turn out perfectly and exactly as you had intended.

Black V Groove MDF Wall Panels

V groove bedroom

Extra Deep Tongue and Groove Panelling

Our V Grooved MDF panel range is the ideal solution for people looking for an Extra Deep Tongue & Grooved Panelling.

The extra deep grooves are particularly effective when used in conjunction with a wider pitched design such as our 150mm or 200mm wide panels.

These wider deeper grooved panels are particularly suited to creating “New England” style wall panelling and interiors.


Bespoke V Groove MDF Panels

We have selected an offering of three “standard” V-groove panel design options, each of which, offers a unique, attractive and modern, V-groove wall panelling solution for hallways, kitchens, utility room and bathroom wall cladding.

Our in-house, bespoke CNC routing capabilities also allows us to provide a customisable, truly bespoke V-groove panel service online. This service allow you to choose the depth and pitch of the groove and even the thickness of the board.

Add in the options of a cut to size service and spray finishing (upon request) in a wide range of colours and, we believe. you will have the most beautiful, and unique, V-grooved panels in the UK.

Bespoke V Groove wall panelling

Q: What thickness and pitch variations are available on V Grooved MDF Panels?

Our V Grooved MDF Panels come in six standard pitch variations, providing you with a range of design options to suit your project. Additionally, we offer three panel thicknesses, allowing you to choose the right balance between durability and flexibility. With these diverse options, you can achieve the perfect V-grooved panel design for your intended application.


Q: Can I get bespoke sized V Grooved MDF Panels tailored to my specific requirements?

Yes, we offer a bespoke CNC routing service that allows you to create unique V Grooved MDF Panels – ensuring you get the perfect fit for your project. Choose from three standard V-groove panel designs or customise the depth, pitch, and thickness of the groove to match your vision. Our cut-to-size service and optional spray finishing in a wide range of colours provide the flexibility to achieve beautiful and distinctive grooved panels. Transform any room, hallway or wall with our bespoke V Grooved Panels.


Q: Do you offer accessories to fit wall panels?

We fully appreciate that the perfect finish requires the right tools and accessories. That’s why at CNC Creations, we aim to be your one stop shop for all of your panelling needs. We stock wall panelling adhesive and a wide range of wall panelling dado.

For all your Grooved MDF wall panelling enquiries, call us now on: 01604 864888