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Wood Sheets cut to size Online

Wood Sheets Cut To Size

Welcome to our timber panel and wood sheets cut to size page. Here you will find the largest selection of wood sheets and timber panel products available to order, and cut to size, online, in the UK.

Every product shown below is available from stock and available for delivery within 3-7 working days and, quite often, less. If you are fortunate enough to live close to our premises in Northampton, we can also offer same day collection, or next day delivery, depending on the size of your order.

Although not available to order online, we can also supply other products such as Kronospan & Egger boards cut to size. We can even provide a professional, matching edging service for these brands, and more. (Please note, lead times may be extended by a few days)

Hopefully you will find the product you are looking for at a competitive price. If you can’t find what your are looking for, please give us a call or, send us an email, we’d be very surprised if we can’t help.

Environmentally Friendly Wood Sheet Cutting Service

We have been cutting and processing timber panels since 1991. Our fully equipped workshop is capable of cutting the largest wood sheets accurately and efficiently, keeping all offcuts and waste material to a minimum.

Online orders, consisting of multiple pieces, are processed via optimisation software to maximise yield and improve the cost effectiveness of each order. 

Larger offcuts are kept and processed for smaller orders and are also used to pack and protect panels ready for delivery. This reduces the risk of waste through damage and, most importantly, it helps to reduce the disappointment of receiving damaged panels.

Each of our panel processing machines is connected to an efficient dust extraction system which transports the majority of sawdust directly to our automated Biomass heating system. Unusable offcuts and waste are shredded and are also fed, via the extraction system, directly into the Biomass system.

Our online cutting service covers a wide range of timber sheet materials including a range of MDF, a selection of Plywood sheets and various other types of sheet wood products.

We pride ourselves on our high quality sheet materials, precision cutting and the prompt, reliable turnaround of all the wood sheet materials we supply. Our attention to detail, and focus on service, is second to none.

If you require sheet timber cut to size and the product you need is not shown above. Call us, or get in touch via email, it is very unlikely that we will not have what you are looking for.


Q: What types of wood sheets do CNC Creations cut?

At CNC Creations, we offer a diverse range of wood sheets for custom cutting, including MDF, melamine, Decorative Melamine, veneered MDF, plywood, OSB Board, Pegboard, Chipboard, and Pine Board. Each material has its unique characteristics, allowing you to choose the perfect wood sheet for your project.


Q: Can I customise the shape of the wood sheets?

Absolutely you can. We provide flexibility in shaping your wood sheets. Choose either rectangle, full sheets, circle, or oval to meet your specific design requirements. Whether you’re working on a creative project or need precision for a specific application, we can shape the wood sheets to suit your needs. Or if you’re working on something a little more bespoke, feel free to contact us today – we’d be happy to assist.


Q: What other customisation options do I have for the wood sheets?

You have complete control over the customisation of your wood sheets. Specify the thickness, width, and length based on the dimensions that best fit your project. This level of customisation ensures that you receive wood sheets tailored to your exact specifications, helping turn your creative vision into a reality.


Q: Is there a limit to the thickness, width, or length I can choose for my wood sheets?

Our customisation options are designed to accommodate a wide range of projects. You can choose the thickness of your wood sheets, typically ranging from 3mm to 30mm. Similarly, the width and length can be specified based on your project requirements, with our max width of wood panel being 1220mm, and max length being 3050mm. Although if you have specific dimensions outside our listed options, feel free to contact us for bespoke solutions.


Q: Can I get assistance in choosing the right type of wood for my project?

If you’re unsure about the best wood type for your project, our team is here to help. Contact us with details about your project and intended application, and we’ll provide you with the expert guidance needed when selecting the most suitable wood. At CNC Creations, we’re committed to ensuring you get the perfect wood sheets cut to size for your needs.