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Decorative MDF Panels

Decorative MDF Wall Panelling

Welcome to our Decorative MDF Wall Panelling page. Here you will find a brief introduction to each of our stunning Decorative MDF Panel designs.

Each product category is shown within the boxes below. Clicking on the boxes will take you through to the full range of products, and options within that category.

From there, once you have decided upon your preferred decorative MDF panel design, you can click through to our online ordering page where you can you can then select your panel thickness and finishing options.

If you are looking for MDF Tongue & Groove, Bead & Butt wall panels or Shaker style wall panelling online, please click here.

Fluted MDF Panels

Our Fluted MDF Wall Panels capture an Art Deco look, yet provide a truly modern appearance to any domestic or commercial interior design.

Ribbed MDF Panels

Ribbed panelling

Our Classic Ribbed MDF Wall Panels are available in a range of sizes and finishes. They are popular with homeowners and interior designers.

Slat Wall Panels

Slat Wall Panelling

On trend, and produced in the UK, our Slat Wall Panels come in a range of sizes and finishes for all commercial and home design projects.

Grooved Panels

V groove panelling

Our Grooved MDF Panels are the perfect way to add that all American, New England style to your home. More Grooved products to follow.

Chevron Panels

Chevron MDF Panels offer a unique blend of aesthetics and versatility making them the ideal choice for transforming any space.

Quilt Effect

Children's play room

Our 3D Quilt Effect Wall Panels are available cut to size and in a range of sheet sizes, perfect for a home cinema room.

Hex Panels

Hex Wall Panelling

If you’re looking to add style and elegance to your commercial or domestic inerior project, our 3D Hex Effect panels are perfect for you.

Custom fluted

Bespoke Decorative MDF Panels

As well as our evolving range of standard wall panel design options, we can also produce bespoke decorative MDF panels to suit your own design and specification.

Naturally, there are limitations to what can be achieved, size of tooling is the most common limiting factor, however, we are fairly resourceful and can usually achieve most custom 3D MDF wall panel design requests.

If you have a project that requires a specific design please give us a call (01604 864888) or send us an email with a sketch or drawing and we’ll gladly take a look it for you.


Black Dyed Decorative MDF Panels

As well as our standard MR MDF options, we also provide Black Dyed Decorative MDF panels in many of our standard wall panel profiles.

The Black Dyed MDF option is ideal for customers looking for a black wall panelling feature within their home, office or commercial project.

This option provides a black finish which need little more than a coat of clear varnish/lacquer to protect it from the ingress of dirt and dust. Conveniently, we also provide a pre-lacquered option to save you time.

Black Dyed MDF Panelling
Decorative MDF Panels

What are Decorative MDF Panels?

For us, Decorative MDF Panels are large 3D effect MDF panels that can be applied directly to walls, and other vertical surfaces, within domestic or commercial environments, to create immediate, creative impact.

For all your Decorative MDF Panel enquiries, call us now on: 01604 864888