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Fluted MDF Panels

Standard Fluted Kitchen panels

Fluted MDF Panels

The most popular or our MDF decorative wall panels is, without doubt, our range of Fluted MDF panels.

Available in three “standard” variations, Large, Standard and Mini, each of which is available in primed, and un-primed options as well as a range of sheets sizes and orientations.

If you require a “cut to size” service for your particular project, we can also, due to the way our panels are machined, adjust the pitch of our standard and mini fluted MDF panels to suit the width of our panels so they fit your space perfectly.

This will allow you to accommodate fixed panel widths on projects such as decorative kitchen island panelling, or decorative feature walls, without awkward partial flutes or unsightly, irregular finishing on end or corner details.

Our fluted MDF panels have been used for feature walls in restaurant, hotel and bar interiors, entrance features for high end apartment developments and many other commercial and domestic applications.

Fluted Panelling As seen on tv

We were delighted, and honoured, to be invited to contribute towards the 2022 BBC Children in Need DIY SOS special. 

This project involved the creation and interior decoration of a new building in Seacroft, Leeds for a local charity – Getaway Girls. 

The 35 year old charity supports around 800 young women and girls, with a focus on providing support and creating opportunities to help them build a better future. 

This new building was needed so the charity could help more girls, from across the city, and make positive differences to their lives. The building provides spaces such as offices, a creche, activity areas, music and media studio, counselling rooms and a garden. 

We became involved, as one of the project designers had previously seen our products and recommended us to the BBC production team. 

They originally specified our Mini Ribbed Wall Panels however, and due to the short lead time, and the incredibly short install time, we advised they use our Mini Fluted MDF instead. 

The panels were supplied pre-primed and were used within many of the newly created rooms including the hallway entrance, bar area and bathrooms.

Two of our team were invited to the grand reveal filming day and had the pleasure of meeting the DIY SOS team and Radio 1 presenter Zoe Ball. We were even able to get a few photos of the panelling. 

As a company we were very proud to have been involved in the project and hope that our contribution helps to make life a little better for the Getaway Girls. 


Q: What are Fluted MDF Panels?

Fluted MDF Panels are a type of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) with a distinctive fluted design on the surface. These panels feature evenly spaced vertical grooves or flutes that run along the length of the board, creating a visually appealing and textured effect.


Q: What are the applications of Fluted MDF Panels?

Fluted MDF Panels are versatile and can be used for various interior design and decorative purposes. They are commonly used for wall cladding, wainscoting, ceiling panels, door inserts, and other architectural features to add depth and style to the space.


Q: What sheet sizes do CNC Creations Fluted MDF Panels come in?

At CNC Creations, we offer Fluted MDF Panels in a range of sizes to accommodate different projects. Our Standard Fluted MDF Panels come in either 2400 x 1200mm or 3024 x 1200mm. We also offer a range of fluting options and widths, including large and mini flutes. 


Q: What is your turnaround time on Fluted MDF Panels?

Our delivery time on Fluted MDF Panels is 7-10 working days (subject to quantity and location).


Q: What other Fluted Panel products do you offer?

We offer a range of Fluted MDF Panel variations, including;

For all your Fluted MDF wall panelling enquiries, call us now on: 01604 864888