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MDF Cut to Size, accurately and on time.

Whatever the size, scale, or nature of your project, if you are looking for MDF cut to size, you have come to the right place. We have the technology and expertise to fulfil your requirements swiftly, cost-effectively and to the highest possible standard.

The CNC Creations team has provided an MDF cutting service for over twenty-five years and have, in this time, established a solid, customer focussed business, based on reliability, quality and service.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible customer service experience. Our attention to detail, combined with precision cutting, and awesome packing, all helps to reduce the risk of mistakes, damage and, most importantly, your disappointment.

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    MDF Cut to Size Near Me

    If you’ve searched for ‘MDF cut to size near me’, you’ve found the perfect supplier to fulfil that need. Our MDF cutting service is focussed on delivering MDF boards, cut to size, throughout most of the UK.

    Our quoted delivery times are usually around three to five working days. However, and depending on your location, or the size of your order, we can often deliver your MDF Cut to Size next day.

    MDF in Northampton

    We are the Number One supplier of cut to shape and cut to size MDF in Northampton, Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties.

    We stock a very wide range of MDF products from standard MDF to moisture resistant and fire rated to waterproof MDF. Not to mention a mention a broad selection of Melamine faced MDF board in various colours and finishes.

    If you are fortunate enough to live close enough to our premises in Northampton, we can, upon request, provide a same day collection service or next day MDF cut to size delivery service.

    MDF Cut to Size in London

    If you are looking for MDF cut to size in London, our own vehicles make twice weekly deliveries ensuring a three working day turnaround.

    We also deliver to Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, Sheffield and more, on a weekly basis. Using our own vehicles ensures your MDF is delivered safely, without damage.

    To achieve this reliable door to door service, we stock one of the widest range of MDF board products, in all sheets sizes, thicknesses and specifications, in the UK. If the product you are looking for is not shown in our online shop, please give us a call, or get in touch via email.

    What is MDF

    MDF is an extremely versatile material and comes in a range of types to cover all applications and environments from indoor furniture, skirting boards and architrave to outdoor decorative fence panels and decorative outdoor wall art.

    A selection of the MDF panels we carry in stock, along with a brief description, and some suggested uses, are shown below. Please note, we can manufacture and supply any item shown within this site, and more, from any material and cut to your own design and specifications.

    More than Just MDF

    Our online cut to size service covers far more than Just MDF cut to size.

    We provide a wide range of Plywood, Melamine Faced MDF, Melamine Faced Chipboard, and many other panel products. Each of which is available, cut to size, from stock.

    Our in-house panel processing services also includes CAD design, CNC routing, edge banding, curved edge banding, laminating, spraying and assembly.

    If you are local to us, or just passing by, you are than welcome to pop-in and take a tour. You’ll get to watch the latest panel processing machinery in action. See how we use our wood waste to heat our premises and understand why we are proud of what we do.  No need for an appointment, you’ll even be offered a cup of tea/posh coffee. How’s that for great service?

    A composed picture showing two different thicknesses of Standard MDF cut to size. The top on is 12mm the bottom one is 18mm MDF

    Standard MDF Cut to Size

    For most indoor projects standard grade MDF sheets cut to size are the ideal choice. Its ultra-smooth surface provides the perfect solution for painted, or unpainted, DIY projects such as wardrobe doors, bedside drawers and cabinets, shelving, wall art and other decorative, or practical, elements around your home.

    Top Tip

    When painting MDF, the edges should be sanded prior to, and in between, each coat. Another option is to order your panels with a pre-applied, paintable MDF edging tape, this will save you a lot of time and trouble. Alternatively, we also offer an edge sanding service, if preferred.

    Moisture Resistant MDF Cut to Size

    If your indoor DIY project is likely to come into occasional contact with moisture, we would strongly recommend you use Moisture Resistant MDF, or MR MDF, for short. Environments such as kitchens or bathrooms are the obvious areas where this product should be used. We would also recommend you use it for skirting boards, architraves and window boards.

    Top Tip

    When using MR MDF it is best practice to apply at least one, preferably two coats of primer to the rear and unseen edges. If using in very damp conditions, MEDITE Tricoya Extreme should be considered.

    MDF Fact

    MDF is green coloured due to the dye that used in the production of Moisture Resistant MDF to distinguish it from other types of the family. It is often referred to as Green MDF Board.

    Two small pieces of Moisture Resistant MDF stacked on top of each other, one is 12mm MR MDF the other 18mm. Both show the green dye used to distinguish it from other MDF products
    A composed picture showing two different thicknesses of Standard MDF cut to size. The top on is 12mm the bottom one is 18mm MDF

    MEDITE Tricoya MDF

    For outdoor MDF projects, and the ultimate in moisture resistance, MEDITE Tricoya Extreme is your only option. Guaranteed for fifty years above ground and twenty-five years below, you can be sure it will last you for many years to come.

    Medite Tricoya MDF shares the same paintable qualities as other MDF products and is ideal for garden furniture, bespoke children’s playhouses, decorative fence panels and bespoke garden planters as well as the construction of low retaining planter walls.

    Top Tip

    For best results, and enhanced durability, we recommend you use the Dulux Weathershield, Quick Drying, three stage system.

    Fire Resistant MDF Cut to Size

    Fire resistant MDF comes in two grades Class C or Class B, the latter offering the highest fire protection. Fireproof MDF, or FR MDF for short, is commonly used in public buildings. We use it in the design and manufacturer of shopping centre display stands and bespoke retail displays units.

    As with all MDF products, FR MDF can be painted however, the coating may affect its fire rating performance.

    Top Tip

    Fire Retardant MDF is not moisture resistant and should only be used for interior applications.

    A photo showing two small pieces of Fire Retardant MDF board on top of each other, one is 18mm FR MDF the other is 12mm FR MDF
    The rear view of a curved wall panel showing the CNC FR MDF curved frame clad with bendy MDF

    Flexible MDF Cut to Size

    Flexible MDF, or Bendy MDF, as it is also known can be used on its own for the bespoke fabrication of freestanding curved walls or attached to a curved frame work for furniture and feature items requiring a curved form. We use Neatform Bendy MDF for the construction of bespoke curved reception desks and custom built furniture.

    If you require custom made curved frames for your project, our CNC routing service can provide a precision made solution for you. We can also provide a full design, manufacture and assembly service for your curved MDF project, if required.

    Top Tip

    Bendy MDF is available in Long Grain (tall and thin, columns and curved MDF walls etc) or Short Grain (low and wide, low curved walls and curved reception desks etc), For examples and instructions on how to use Bendy MDF, click here for a wealth of information and ideas.

    Northampton’s No1 MDF Cutting Service

    Wherever you are based, our MDF cut to size is one of, if not, the best in the UK. If you happen to live in Northamptonshire, our Northampton based MDF cutting service is unbeatable, and of course, right on your doorstep.

    Our extensive range of MDF boards, and super fast turnaround times, allow us to provide a same day MDF cut to size and collection, or next day delivery, service upon request.

    Extremely customer focussed, and 100% committed to providing the best possible customer service, we truly believe we offer the best MDF cut to size service in the UK and, without doubt, the MDF cut to Size in Northampton.

    Order online today and experience the difference.

    A photo showing two small pieces of Fire Retardant MDF board on top of each other, one is 18mm FR MDF the other is 12mm FR MDF

    MDF Cutting Service

    The above is just a selection of the MDF products we have available. Our large range of stock, and MDF cutting service, also includes other MDF sheet materials such as…

    • Melamine Faced MDF (shelves and bedroom wardrobe carcasses etc)
    • Melamine Faced Moisture resistant MDF (kitchen cabinets and bars)
    • Veneer Faced MDF (Bedroom and kitchen cabinets and doors)
    • Lightweight MDF (caravan, exhibition and display furniture)
    • Deep rout Grade MDF (painted kitchen and bedroom wardrobe doors)
    • Pre-primed MDF
    • Black MDF board
    • Coloured MDF board

    MDF Cutting, shaping, edging and drilling.

    If your project requires additional processes such as shaping edging or drilling our full range, timber panel processing service has got it covered. From shaping to rounded edges, drilling to edgebanding we can help.  For further information please get in touch either via email (link to email address) or give us a call to discuss your requirements on 01604 864999.

    Why CNC Creations should be your first choice for MDF cut to size.

    Over the years we have invested in technology and people to enable us to provide the best possible panel processing service in the UK. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose us…

    • Prompt turnaround ensuring your timescales are always met
    • Materials and workmanship of the highest quality every time
    • We can accommodate any project regardless of its size or complexity
    • Qualified and highly experienced machine operators and carpenters
    • The latest CNC controlled machinery to guarantee perfect results
    • Free, impartial and knowledgeable advice
    • Assistance available at every step of your project
    • Highly responsive and contactable (during normal working hours)

    If your project requires MDF cut to size please call our friendly and expert team and we’ll be delighted to help you find the service you need or to discuss your project in greater detail – we’re here to help.

    For any MDF Panel Cut to Size Enquiries CALL NOW on…

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