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Lightweight MDF

£21.23 excl. VAT

  • Lightweight MDF
  • Precision Cut to Size MDF.
  • Paintable 1 mm Edging available (order overall size inc edging).
  • Delivery within 1-7 days.
  • Same day collection available (subject to order size).
  • Available in 12, 15, and 18mm thickness.
  • Max 3050mm x 1220mm sheet size.
  • Panels ordered 1220mm, 3050mm will have an untrimmed factory finish edge.

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Q. What is Lightweight MDF?

Lightweight MDF is an MDF Board that has been specifically engineered to be lighter than almost all MDF panel products. The only exception to this is Ultra-light MDF which is generally only used for thick desktops. The reduction in weight is achieved by creating a board that is lower in density than its MDF siblings.


Q.What is Lightweight MDF used for?

Lightweight MDF is predominantly used in the exhibition, shopfitting and retail fit-out industries.


Q. How much does Lightweight MDF weigh?

The following weights are based on 2440mm x 1220mm sheets of Medite Lite…

  • 12mm Medite Lite weighs 7.05kg per sq/m
  • 15mm Medite Lite weighs 9.07kg per sq/m
  • 18mm Medite Lite weighs 10.41kg per sq/m


Q. Why is Lightweight MDF less expensive than Standard MDF?

To achieve the weight saving, light weight MDF is compressed to a lower density. This means there is less volume of wood fibre used in its manufacture. The reduction in raw materials used helps towards the lower cost of production. The reduction in weight also means that more boards can be shipped compared to Standard MDF. This has the benefit of improving the cost of transportation from the factory to the panel stockists.


Q. What are the advantages of Lightweight MDF?

The lightweight nature of this board makes it ideal for MDF cabinet manufacturers for commercial, retail and exhibition purposes. The reduced weight makes it easier to transport large, pre-built, MDF cabinets to site and easier to handle when on site.


Q. What are the disadvantages of Lightweight MDF?

Due its lower density it is more difficult to achieve a good finish on the edges. Less of an issue is the reduction in its screw holding capability. Having said that, if it is adequately glued and screwed, lightweight MDF is perfectly adequate for most projects.


Q. Which brand of Lightweight MDF do you use?

Our product of choice is Medite Lite MDF.


Q. What is Medite Lite?

Medite Lite is a brand of Medite and is their lightweight version of MDF. It was formerly known as Medite Trade but rebranded to Medite Lite, many companies still refer to it as Medite Trade. Due to its lower cost, this is the MDF product that you will find in most builders merchants and large DIY stores.


Q. Can Lightweight MDF be painted?

It can however, its lower density edges will require a lot more work compared to other MDF products. Fortunately, the Medite Lite data sheet addresses this problem and provides some great tips that will help towards success. If you are planning on painting this product, we do have the option to apply a paintable edging. This will seal the edge and eliminate any edge painting issues.


Q. Is light weight MDF good for mouldings?

Moulding MDF almost always involves removal of the face which exposes more of the core. Lightweight MDF’s porous core leaves a surface which makes it very difficult to finish. If you require bespoke MDF mouldings we always recommend a minimum of MR MDF, Finsa’s Hidrofufugo or Finsa Hidrofugo Plus.