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Cut to Size then Primed MDF Panels

£1.00 excl. VAT

  • Fully Primed MDF Board.
  • High quality Moisture Resistant MDF.
  • Edges sanded after cutting.
  • Primed all around (inc edges).
  • Water based primer.
  • One coat to each face.
  • Two coats to each edge.
  • Prompt, precise cutting.
  • Requires light sanding prior to top coat.
  • Delivery around 3-7 working days.



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Cut to Size then Primed MDF Panels

As an online product, our Cut to Size then Primed MDF panels fairly unique. We take raw, un-primed, high quality, moisture resistant board, cut it, sand the edges, and then prime it. This process ensures the panels are fully primed all over, including the edges.

Most of our competitors use a pre-primed MDF sheet that is cut to size after it has been primed. Naturally, this leaves an un-sanded, un-primed, raw edge. Whilst Factory Primed MDF has its place. and is suitable for some projects, it may not suit everyone’s needs.

Almost all pre-primed MDF is produced using an average quality, moisture resistant, board. Our panels are superior as they cut from a high quality moisture resistant MDF. In addition, the edges are sanded and the panels primed all round.

Each of our primed panels includes a single coat of water based primer to each side with two coats applied to each edge. The quality of the primer, and the amount of primer used, is superior to the factory applied option.

Factory Primed MDF vs our Primed MDF Panels

As the name suggests, Factory Primed MDF is primed during the production process by the manufacturer. The board is then shipped to a  panel stockist and then to the panel processing company for cutting. Most primed MDF boards available on-line are supplied this way.

Because the board is supplied to the panel processing company ready primed the edges of the board, once cut, are left unfinished. This means you will need to sand and prime the edges yourself.

Our moisture resistant MDF is supplied to us un-primed. It is then cut into panels based on the sizes you request. Each edge of each panel is sanded then before priming the first side and edges. The edges are then re-sanded and receive a second coat when the second side of the panel is primed.

Our priming process ensures you have a panel that only needs a light sanding before painting with a final finish.

Naturally, compared to Factory Primed MDF, our Cut and Primed MDF Board is more expensive. However, our board is a higher quality and is much denser compared to all pre primed MDF. Add in the fact that we pre-sand the edges and prime the board all round, you can begin to see the benefit of using our board vs Factory Primed MDF.

Primed Hidrofugo MDF

If you are looking for Primed Hidrofugo MDF cut to size you have come to the right place. When it comes to painting MDF, this product is, for many professional users (we proudly include ourselves in this category), the board of choice.

Hidrofugo is much denser than other MR MDF panels and is less prone to fibre lift on the edges when painted. This makes for a far better finish, particularly on the edges.

Choose your Primed MDF Cut to size from us for the following benefits…

  • High quality Finsa Higrofugo MR MDF.
  • Twice sanded, slightly arrised edges.
  • Two coats of primer to each edge.
  • One good coat of primer to each face (not a thin coat of Factory applied primer).
  • Quality water based primer.
  • Precision cutting.
  • Prompt delivery.
  • Industry leading customer service.

If you would like to learn more about our cut to size primed MDF panels please give us a call or send us an email for additional information.

How to paint Primed MDF Board

Occasionally we are asked how to paint Primed MDF Board. If you choose our cut and primed MDF panels you have just saved yourself a lot of work.

All that is needed is a light sand/de-nib with a fine grade sandpaper (240 0r 320 grit should do the trick). Do this before applying the first coat and again before applying the second.

A light sanding between coats is essential for two reasons. Firstly, it will improve adhesion between each coat of paint. Secondly, it will help reduce brush marks from the first coat coming through on the second.

As our primer is water based you can use either an oil based or water based top coat. Whichever ever product you choose our primed panels will provide a sound starting point.

Priming MDF

If you prefer priming MDF panels yourself, we would recommend you use a moisture resistant MDF board.

Moisture resistant board is noticeably less prone to “fibre lift”, when primed, compared to standard MDF. MR MDF will save you some preparation time and give you a better finish.

The following are our top tips to easily, and successfully, prime MDF…

  • Choose a good quality, branded MR MDF (Medite MR MDF or better).
  • Lightly sand the faces.
  • Carefully sand any exposed profiles or edges smooth with a min of 240 grade sand paper.
  • Dust off with a soft brush and then prime all round (including unseen edges).
  • Use a good quality Water based Quick Drying Primer (it does not need to be an MDF Primer).
  • Carefully sand again until the surface feels smooth.
  • re-prime with the same Quick Dying Primer.