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Flexible MDF

£1.00 excl. VAT

  • Flexible MDF cut to size.
  • Long grain and short grain options.
  • Delivery within 3-7 working days.
  • Same day, or next day, collection available (subject to order size).
  • Panels ordered 1220mm and/or 2440mm will have an untrimmed, factory finished, edge.

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Flexible MDF

Flexible MDF, or bendy MDF, as it is also known, is an MDF panel that is grooved on the rear which allows it to bend, with minimal distortion, around existing curved surfaces or curved formers.

Commercially, it is popular with architects and exhibition stand designers to create curved walls, bespoke reception desks, counter fronts and retail display furniture.

Domestically, it can be used for curved home bar units, curved kitchen islands, custom built TV/HiFi furniture, and other features and furniture elements around the home.

Flexible MDF comes in to two thicknesses, 6mm and 9mm. Two sheets can be glued together to provide extra rigidity and increase impact resistance. If you require curved formers, or curved cabinet components to fix your flexible plywood to, our CNC routing service can help.

Flexible MDF Orientation

Flexible MDF is available in two orientations, long grain and short grain, and, just to confuse the issue, two different thicknesses. Choosing which Flexible MDF is right for you depends on your project.

In simple terms, think of long grain as columns (tall and narrow) and short grain as drum shaped (low and wide). Long grain Flexible MDF is “portrait” with 2440mm long grooves whilst short grain is “landscape” with 1220mm long grooves.

Any curved shape structure over 1220mm high you should choose long grain anything 1220mm, or under, and with a circumference greater than 1220mm you should choose short grain.

Flexible MDF Thickness

As with orientation, choosing the correct flexible MDF thickness comes down to your project and, in particular, the radius of the curve your project demands. Anything smaller than 500mm we would recommend 6mm. 6mm thick flexible MDF will comfortably go down to 150mm however, you will be need to increase the number of horizontal and/or, vertical ribs (supports) to prevent “telegraphing” (flattening of the curve between the ribs).

On larger radius project we would recommend 9mm as it will be stiffer and less likely to deform. Whatever the radius you need, or thickness you choose, the key towards creating the perfect curve is support, both horizontally and vertically, as each will help resist flat spots.

Formers for Flexible MDF Panels

If you have a particular curved MDF project in mind, our in house team can design, and precision cut, formers for flexible MDF panels for any project, from commercial bars to domestic,curved kitchen islands, and everything in-between.