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Standard MDF Cut to Size

£1.00 excl. VAT

  • Standard MDF cut to size.
  • Prompt, precise cutting.
  • Delivery within 1-8 working days.
  • Same day, or next day, collection available (subject to order size).
  • Panels ordered 1220mm and/or 3050mm will have an untrimmed, factory finished, edge.



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Standard MDF Cut to Size Online

Everyone is doing it, some do it quicker and some do it cheaper, nobody does standard MDF, cut to size online, better than us.

We offer the ultimate in customer service experience, precision, reliability and a genuine, and achievable, 1-8 working day, nationwide delivery service. Our customer focussed, attention to detail, approach is unrivalled and sets us apart from our competitors.

Around 60% of our MDF cut to size online orders are delivered via our own vehicles driven by our ultra friendly, ultra helpful drivers. For orders outside our delivery radius, we rely on industry leading packaging and, we believe, the most reliable courier service, to ensure the highest chance of your standard MDF panels arriving safely and on time.

Standard MDF Board Cutting Service

Our standard MDF Board cutting service offers one of the widest range of standard MDF boards available, cut to size, in the UK. Each of which, is priced competitively, and fairly, to ensure you get the best value possible.

If you are looking for MDF sheets cut to size near you, and would like them delivered promptly and safely, you have come to the most reliable, online MDF, supplier in the UK.

From stock, we offer genuine MEDITE MDF sheets from 25mm thick down to 3mm thick MDF. For other MDF thicknesses, not shown online, please email us with your requirements. We’ll be glad to help.

Standard, medium density fibreboard, is perfect for a wide range of DIY uses such as MDF shelves and MDF cabinets. However, if you are planning on painting your MDF board we would strongly recommend you choose the moisture-resistant version.

Not Just MDF cut to size.

Our service is not Just MDF cut to size. We pride ourselves on offering the following MDF panel processing services and capabilities. All of which, are provided in-house…

  • One off MDF Panels.
  • High volume MDF cutting.
  • MDF CNC cutting.
  • Bespoke MDF mouldings.
  • Reproduction MDF mouldings.
  • MDF Laminating.
  • MDF Priming.
  • MDF Spraying.
  • In-house design for MDF projects.
  • Assembly of your MDF project.

Whether you need a single MDF panel cut to size tomorrow, or a hundred panels cut next week, our ability, and capability, has you covered.

Table Top Extensions

Expecting a few more for dinner over Christmas or other large social gathering. We can produce MDF Table Top Extensions to sit on top of your existing table.

We can provide MDF table tops up to 3660mm x 1830mm and any size in between. Each table topper features rounded corners and softened edges. We can also produce supporting legs to help ease the load of the extra weight on your your table.

Our in house CNC Routing capabilities also allows us to produce round table tops up to 2060mm in diameter. Oval table tops can also be supplied upon request.

MDF table top extensions are perfect for larger dinner parties. Simply throw a table cloth over it, and you have a low-cost table extension fit for a banquet.


Q: What is MDF?

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a man made, engineered, wood-based panel product. It is produced from various wood residuals which are then broken down into fibres. These fibres are then mixed with a wax and resin binding agent and then formed into various thickness panels in a high pressure, high temperature press.

Q: What are the wood residuals used in MDF production?

The wood residuals used in the manufacture of MDF are the by-product of log processing procedures prior to, and including rough sawing, resawing and planing prior to distribution to timber merchants and use in general construction etc.

Q: What is Standard MDF?

Standard MDF is MDF in its most basic form. Compared to other MDF panel products , Standard MDF has the lowest density and the lowest cost. Generally, the lower the cost the lower the density, the lower the density the lower the quality.

Q: What are the benefits of Standard MDF?

Standard MDF is the least expensive of the MDF range. However, it does offer several advantages compared to alternative products such as chipboard (denser, stronger and smoother) and Plywood (smoother and cheaper). It has a smooth finish on both sides, can be cut to size cleanly and has good screw holding capabilities, compared to most panel products.

Q: Is standard MDF suitable for DIY projects such as shelves and cabinets?

Yes. Standard medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is perfect for a wide range of DIY uses, including MDF shelves and MDF cabinets. If you plan to paint your MDF boards, we’d recommend you choose our moisture-resistant MDF. This will save you time and effort when sanding and preparing the edges.

Q: Where should I use Standard MDF?

Standard MDF is not moisture resistant and should only be used indoors. It is not suitable for use in garages or sheds, due to the damp conditions usually found in these environments. We would also recommend you avoid using it in kitchens and bathrooms for the same reasons.

Q: Why should I order my Standard MDF cut to size?

Most Wood sheets are usually supplied in 2440mm x 1220mm sized sheets. “Cut to size” refers to the process of cutting sheets to either a more manageable size or to exact sizes for your project. Using a “Cut to Size” service has the following benefits…

  • No offcuts to dispose of.
  • Minimum mess to clear up.
  • Accurately dimensioned panels.
  • Clean cuts with minimum saw marks on the edges.
  • Panels will be perfectly square.
  • Panels are delivered directly to your door.