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Factory Primed MDF Sheet

£1.00 excl. VAT

  • Factory Primed MDF Sheet.
  • Moisture Resistant MDF.
  • Cut to size & full sheets available.
  • Primed both sides.
  • Edges will not be primed.
  • Requires light sanding prior to top coat.
  • Prompt, precise cutting.
  • Delivery around 2-7 working days.

Download Fibralux MR MDF Primed Sheet



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Factory Primed MDF Sheet Cut to Size

Our Factory Primed MDF Sheet cut to size can be used for a wide range of interior projects. It is very popular with kitchen and bedroom manufacturers for use in cabinet construction.

The pre-primed, moisture resistant sheets are supplied to us with white UV primer on both sides. When coupled with our cut to size service, this product provides a time and cost saving compared to the un-primed alternative.

Cut and Primed MDF vs Pre-Primed MDF Board

Pre-Primed MDF Board is an ideal solution that is perfect for many projects and applications. Due to it’s exposed edges it is more suited to projects where the edges are not seen or are of low concern.

Cut and Primed MDF is an un-primed board that is cut to size and then primed. Unlike the pre-primed option, this solution is sanded on all edges and then primed all over (including the edges). Ultimately, this means a lot less work before applying the final finish.

Whilst pre-primed is less expensive compared to the cut and primed MDF option. The latter is more suited to projects requiring a higher level of finish or when the edges of the finished board are more prominent.