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About Us

CNC Creations is the sister company of Aspect Exhibitions which, since its establishment in 1991, has earned an enviable reputation for consistently producing innovative, bespoke and cost-effective exhibition stands and displays all produced to the highest standards.

To meet the demand for high quality, precision CNC services among UK businesses, CNC Creations combines the unrivalled craftsmanship and experience of an expert team with investment in the very latest CNC technology from the world-leading SCM Group. At the time of purchase, CNC Creations’ state-of-the-art CNC platform was one of only two in operation in the UK.

The result is a company that can offer a complete and cost-effective end-to-end CNC machining service to clients in a wide range of industry sectors.

Why CNC Creations is different from other CNC solutions providers

At CNC Creations we’re proud of the fact that we stand apart from other CNC companies as a one-stop shop for every CNC service a business may require. We’ve built our success upon a winning combination of experience, expertise, attention to detail, product quality and value for money.

We’re committed to providing the best possible customer experience and this is reinforced by our fast-growing reputation for product and customer service excellence.  With over two decades of CNC machining experience we have the knowledge and expertise to advise customers and answer any questions they may have.  It is our intention to make CNC Creations your first choice for the best CNC routing services in the UK.

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About us and the Environment

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, some would say we are obsessed with it. From recycling plastics and metals, to heating our workshop and offices with waste, we truly believe we are the most environmentally friendly panel processing company in the UK.

Dedicated  to reducing, recycling and reusing items that would, otherwise, find their way into general waste, we have implemented, and invested in, a number of processes which, we believe, are making a difference. In global terms, this contribution is miniscule, however, the effect on our employees conscious habits, and the cost savings to our business, are certainly worth it.

To help reduce our impact on landfill, we have invested in a colour coded bin system to separate general waste, recyclables, waste paper and waste timber. Strategically placed throughout the offices and production areas, this simple step, has helped us to considerably reduce the amount recyclables going into general waste.

Our day to day business involves a number of completed projects being shipped to our customers. Where possible, we ensure all inbound packaging is re-used to protect outbound deliveries. Additional protection is provided by “crating” our products with off cuts of timber. This minimises the risk of damage, repurposes waste and reduces the need for replacement materials and additional transportation.

In 2015 we invested in a state of the “state of the art”, dust extraction, and fully automated wood waste Biomass System. An infographic showing its basic process is shown below…

CNC Creations BioMass Infographic

CNC Creations BioMass Infographic
Edge Bander CNC Machine Table Saw Biomass Wall saw work bench Design Office Hopper Goods Out Chipper

Edge Bander

Close up of a piece of white melamine board going though an edge banding machine

CNC Machine

close up of cnc router machine with white board laid down as a material to cut

Table Saw

An Altendorf F45 panel dimensioning saw sitting in front of an off cut rack in a workshop


A Talbott Biomass system in a workshop environment with Untha waste timber shredder in the foreground

Wall saw

Striebig Control semi automated wall saw

work bench

Design Office


Goods Out


…the above provides a simple overview of how our wood waste biomass system helps us to be the most, if not, one of the most, environmentally friendly wood sheet cutting and CNC routing companies in the UK.

Essentially, the above shows the journey a piece of MDF, for example, may take through our workshop. Typically, it will either be cut to size on one of our saws, usually the wall saw, or cut to shape on our CNC.

After cutting or shaping the panel may need to be edged on our edge banding machine. Either way, the sawdust created from the cutting or machining process will be taken away by our extraction system and deposited in the hopper.

Unusable offcuts, waste, and the occasional mistake, will be loaded into the shredder where it will munched into small pieces. These “giant cornflakes”, for want of a better description, are then transported, via the extraction system, into the hopper.

How our Wood Waste Biomass System Works

Think of our Wood Waste Biomass heating system as a cross between a steam train (minus the whistle and wheels) a domestic central heating system (minus the gas) and a few car radiators, all merged into one.

Instead of  the Fireman on a steam train frantically shovelling coal into the firebox, ours is fed automatically, and steadily, with a constant stream of fuel (sawdust and shredded timber waste) from the hopper.

Just like a domestic central heating boiler, our Biomass boiler is programmed to fire-up at a certain time every morning. The system wakes up, the fuel flows into the firebox of the boiler and is then ignited with an electrical current via a probe.

Continuing the central heating principal, a self contained water supply flows around the boiler, via a series of tubes. The water water within the tubes is then heated from the fire in the boiler.

As soon as the water reaches temperature, a valve releases the hot water which is then pumped around the pipework throughout the workshop and through the “car like” radiators positioned high up in the ceiling.

Above each radiator is a fan. Once the radiators reach temperature the fan switches on and blows war air into the workshop heating the space below.

Our workshop and storage areas are around 10000 sq/ft. The Biomass heating system provides 100% of the heating for these areas.

The magic doesn’t stop there…

The hot water also passes through a heat exchanger which is connected to our gas fired domestic boiler which is used to heat the reception, offices, canteen and washrooms (toilets to you & I).

The water in the office heating system is heated via the heat exchanger, rather than gas, and is then pumped through conventional wall mounted radiators to heat the offices etc.

We estimate this has reduced our gas consumption for heating the offices by around 70%.

What about the summer…

During the warmer months we stockpile the offcuts and bag the sawdust for use in the cooler periods. Seriously, not a scrap of waste wood, and only the minutest amount of sawdust, ends up in landfill or is transported off site.

What about the pollution…

The system is optimised to burn MDF and other panel products as efficiently as possible. The exhaust from the fire passes through a cyclonic filter system which removes the soot. This is then deposited into a self contained bin system and sent off to landfill.

Unlike a the black smoke you see rising from a domestic chimney, the exhaust from our system is ultra clean and only visible from the heat haze that is emitted.

Electric Vehicles…

March 2020 saw us take our first plunge into Electric vehicles. Purchasing a brand new Nissan ENV-200 for for local errands and local deliveries.

Going forward, as technology evolves, and usable range improves,  we are committed to investing in a larger van(s) to manage deliveries further afield.

Solar Power…

Just prior to the onset of Covid-19, we were in discussion with a trusted provider to install Solar Panels . Whilst this has been put on hold, for now, we are still keen to progress with this project at some point in the future.

Fancy a tour…

If you are interested to learn more about us, or our Biomass system, you are more than welcome to pop in for a cup of tea, a chat and a guided tour. We are really proud of our set up, passionate about what we do and welcome anyone that is interested in taking a look around.





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