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Chipboard Cut to Size

Find out more about our chipboard cutting service

Need chipboard cut to size for your project? We can help.

Chipboard is relatively strong, uniform, inexpensive and free from the defects found in natural wood, making it the ideal base material for countless joinery projects and can be used to create furniture, display units and shelves, exhibition stands and signage and much more besides.

At CNC Creations we can provide chipboard cut to size for any kind of project, large or small. Using the latest high-tech equipment our craftsmen can expertly cut, shape and detail quality chipboard sheets in a variety of thicknesses and of any size up to 3660mm x 1525mm (12ft x 5ft).

Whether your chipboard cutting, shaping or routing requirements are complex or straightforward, our skilled team will produce exactly what you need swiftly, cost-effectively and with the utmost precision and attention to detail

Chipboard cut to size with your choice of finish and fixings

As specialists in the field of CNC routing, CNC Creations have, over the last twenty years, undertaken all kinds of chipboard cutting and shaping projects for their customers.

Our unrivalled experience and expertise means that we can handle practically any chipboard cutting project you may have. We will take great care in cutting and shaping quality chipboard to your precise specifications and, if required, we can also supply your choice of finish – whether painted, veneered or laminated – along with any fixings required.

Working from our centrally-situated and fully-equipped production workshop in Northamptonshire, the team at CNC Creations takes pride in delivering chipboard cutting services which represent the highest standards of quality and value for money whilst ensuring prompt turnaround times.

Our location at the hub of the UK’s motorway network also means that we can easily deliver chipboard cut to size in London and destinations and throughout the country.

Precision chipboard cutting and shaping is only part of our service

Cutting chipboard and many other sheet materials to size, shaping and routing them represents only a small part of the complete end-to-end service that CNC Creations provides.

Whatever the nature and size of your project, we’re here to help with advice and guidance at every stage. We can bring any project from initial concept to completion, and can assist you with the planning and design of your project, the creation of CAD drawings, top quality manufacture and finishing and, should you wish, the delivery, assembly and professional installation of the final product.

If you have a project that calls for chipboard cut to size or expertly shaped to a bespoke specification please feel free to call our friendly and expert CNC team who will be delighted to discuss your needs and provide a free, no-obligation quote – we’re here to help.