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Wall Panelling Dado

£22.50£45.50 excl. VAT

  • Traditional styled Dado rail.
  • Made from high quality MR MDF.
  • 6, 9 & 12mm rebate option to suit your panelling.
  • Easy to sand, prime and paint.
  • Use to finish low to medium height MDF Wall Panelling.
  • Only available in 2.95m lengths.
  • Pre-primed option available.
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Additional information

Our rebated wall panelling dado Rail has been created specifically to fit our MDF Shaker Style Wall Panelling. It comes pre grooved (rebated) on the rear so that it will sit on top of 6mm, 9mm or 12mm MDF Wall panelling kits and low cost, DIY wall panelling packs. If you are looking for a Tongue and Groove MDF wall panelling dado rail then please select 6mm or 9mm. For Bead and Butt MDF panels, please select the 9mm version.

The Dado Rail is an exact reproduction moulding made to match one that was used in a Victorian house in Northamptonshire and is supplied in Moisture resistant MDF.

Our Dado is easily painted however, it will require sanding prior to the usual two coats of primer/undercoat and two coats of top coat. If you intend to paint your wall paneling with emulsion, to match your walls, the MDF dado rail, and wall panelling, can be painted with the same paint without the need for primer/undercoat.

If you are looking for something different, or want to match an existing profile, our made to match and bespoke moulding service has it covered. We can also provide wall panelling shelves upon request. Just send us an email with your requirements and we’ll get gladly get back to you with a price.


Dado wall panelling has been around for a long time, yet it remains a highly popular choice among homeowners. This is thanks to the engaging aesthetic qualities it can add to a home since it functions as a welcome visual break that allows the homeowner to play around with a range of textures, colours, and wall designs. 


At CNC Creations, we offer traditional-styled dado wall panels. Available in various panel thicknesses and with a primed or unprimed finish, our wall panelling dado options are suitable for all homeowners looking to add a traditional feature with a modern twist to their properties. 


Why Use Dado Wall Panelling

Dado wall panels offer an effective way to add additional touches of character and textural intrigue to your property. These wall panels are placed around a metre or so above floor level and function as a welcome break in the wall, allowing you to have two different materials, colours, or textures on a single wall. 


While the primary objective of dado wall panelling in modern homes is to enhance the aesthetics of a room, they can also provide their original purpose, which was to protect the walls from chair backs. Indeed, you’ll sometimes see dado wall panels referred to as ‘chair rails.’ 


Dado Wall Panels Available From CNC Creations

Here at CNC Creations, we’re proud to offer the finest quality dado wall panels on the market. Available in a range of styles and sizes, our panels are made from high-quality MR MDF and have been designed to last. 


Rebate/Panel Thickness (mm)

No rebate required, 6, 9, 12

Panel Finish

Unprimed, Primed


Q: What is Wall Panelling Dado?

Wall panelling dado, also known as dado rail or chair rail, is a decorative strip or moulding installed on the lower portion of a wall. They add visual interest, protect the wall from furniture damage, and are commonly found in traditional or period-style interiors.


Q: What are your wall panelling dado rails made out of?

At CNC Creations, all of our Wall Panelling Dad is made from high quality moisture resistant MDF.


Q: What rooms can wall panelling dado rails be used in?

  • Dining Rooms: Dado rails are often installed in dining rooms to add an elegant touch and protect the walls from chairs or furniture.
  • Living Rooms: Dado rails can be used in living rooms to create a sense of sophistication and divide the wall space, allowing for different treatments above and below the rail.
  • Hallways and Corridors: Installing dado rails in hallways and corridors can enhance the visual appeal and provide a decorative element to what might otherwise be plain walls.
  • Bedrooms: Dado rails can be used in bedrooms to add character and style, particularly in period-inspired designs.
  • Offices or Study Spaces: Dado rails can create a refined and professional atmosphere in office or study spaces, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Restaurants or Hotels: In commercial settings, dado rails can be used in restaurants or hotels to elevate the interior design and protect walls from potential damage.


Q: What finish and rebate/panel thickness do you offer?

We offer either a primed or unprimed finish on our Wall Panelling Dado rails, with a 6mm, 9mm or 12mm rebate option to suit your panelling.


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