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Oak Veneer Faced Black MDF Slat Wall Panels

£79.00 excl. VAT

  • Real Oak Veneer Face.
  • Black Dyed MDF Core.
  • 11mm Thickness.
  • 29mm wide slat, 10mm wide x 6mm deep groove.
  • Panel width 390mm (for ease of shipping).
  • Panel length 2400mm.
  • Can be supplied lacquered.
  • Lead time around 1-7 working days (unlacquered).

Add lacquer

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Oak Veneer Faced Black MDF Slat Wall Panels

Our Real Oak Veneer Faced Black MDF Slat Wall Panels are an excellent choice for both domestic and commercial interior design projects. The panels combine a range of features that each contribute to it’s aesthetic appeal, durability, and functionality.

The board is supplied to us, direct from the manufacturer, with a real Oak veneer face that is factory bonded to a 10mm black dyed MDF core.

The factory applied Oak veneer ensures a highly reliable bond that will not delaminate over time. The 10mm black dyed core provides the following benefits over the 18mm  alternative…

  • Shallower installation depth.
  • Easier to handle.
  • Easier to install.
  • Lower cost.

Processing the Oak Faced Black MDF Slat Panels.

The Oak Faced Black MDF Slat panels are supplied to us as full size boards. Once we receive your order, the face of the board is machined with a 10mm wide x 6mm deep groove and then cut into 390mm wide sections.

The entire process is carried out accurately on our state of the art CNC Routing Machines. This ensures the panels are cut perfectly square and to an exact and consistent width.

The magic begins when we Machine through the Oak face as this reveals the black dyed MDF core. This process creates a stylish contrast between the Oak veneer and the black MDF. It is at this point where the you can really appreciate the true visual appeal of the panels.

Why Choose Oak Veneer Faced Black MDF Slat Panelling.

For centuries Oak has been a popular choice for interiors due to its durability and attractive grain pattern. Our Oak Veneer Faced Black MDF Slatwall Panelling is no different.

Its modern, clean lines, will add a touch of natural beauty and warmth to any space.  Choosing our Oak Slat Wall will enhance the overall aesthetic of any room and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Our decorative Oak Slat Wall Panels offer the perfect combination of style and functionality. The real Oak veneer face on a black dyed MDF core provides a visually striking contrast while adding strength and stability.

Whether it’s for domestic or commercial use, these panels will provide a stunning feature wall in any room and create an impressive and inviting space.

How to finish Oak Slat Wall Panels

Our Oak Slat Wall Panels are faced with real Oak. This means they can be finished in any product designed for finishing and protecting real wood.

We would recommend a clear water based or oil based Polyurethane varnish. Either option will provide adequate protection against the ingress of dust into the MDF and finger prints on the Oak.

Water based Polyurethane is non yellowing and should not influence the colour of the Oak. If you prefer to enrich the colour of your Oak Slat Panels we would recommend using an oil based Polyurethane varnish.

If you are not sure which product to choose, we’ll happily supply a couple of samples. This will allow you to test a couple of options so you can see which one you prefer.

Please remember. The MDF is likely to swell slightly after the first coat so you may want to sand it, before the second. The Oak face would also benefit from a very light sanding before recoating.

How to fit Oak Faced Slat Wall Panelling

Fitting Oak Faced Slat wall Panelling is made so much easier by the size and design of our panels. Whilst the size of the panels helps to ensure safe delivery throughout most of the UK, it also helps with ease of handling and installation.

The panels are designed to be modular with one grooved edge butting against a square edged slat. This provides a seamless joint between panels and reduces the amount of cutting and waste.

Assuming your walls are flat enough, the panels can be attached to the wall using a good quality grab adhesive. If your walls are not perfectly flat you can fix the panels with screws or a combination of screws and adhesive.

If you decide to use screws to fix your panels screw the panels through the black MDF groove. You easily can hide the screw heads with a dab of black paint. Alternatively, you could use black plasterboard screws as they will work just as well.

Bespoke Oak Veneer Slat Wall Panels.

Because we manufacture in house, we can also provide a wide range of Bespoke Oak Veneer Slat Wall Panel solutions. Upon request We can provide the following options…

  • Full size, 2.4m x 1.2m (8×4) Oak Slat Wall Panels.
  • Oak Slat Wall panels in Landscape or Portrait.
  • Bespoke width Slats,
  • Bespoke width Grooves.
  • Diagonal Patterned Oak Slat Wall Panels.
  • Oak Faced, Black MDF, Slats.
  • Tongue & Groove Oak Faced MDF Panelling.
  • Patterned Oak Faced MDF Wall Panels.
  • Engraved Oak Faced MDF Panels.
  • Perforated Oak Faced MDF screens and panels.

Due to our in-house design and production capabilities we are confident we can, pretty much, and within reason, produce anything you can imagine.

Whether you choose our standard panel or opt for a bespoke solution, we are confident you’ll be satisfied with your real wooden faced slat wall or bespoke Oak Faced MDF product in any room you choose to install it.

If you would like to learn more about our Oak Slat Wall Panels or bespoke CNC capabilities then please feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


Q: What makes Oak Veneer Faced Black MDF Slat Wall Panels unique?

Oak Veneer Faced Black MDF Slat Wall Panels combine the contemporary appeal of black slats with the timeless beauty of oak veneer. This combination creates a sophisticated and versatile wall covering suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.


Q: Can Oak Veneer Faced Black MDF Slat Wall Panels be used in living rooms?

Yes, Oak Veneer Faced Black MDF Slat Wall Panels are an excellent choice for living rooms. They provide a modern and elegant backdrop, allowing you to display decorative items and accessories. The oak veneer adds warmth and character to the overall design.


Q: Is the oak veneer on these panels real wood?

Yes, the oak veneer on these panels is made from real wood. Oak veneer offers the authentic and natural appearance of oak while providing the benefits of stability and durability that come with engineered wood products.


Q: Can Oak Veneer Faced MDF panels be customised in terms of slat spacing?

While our standard Oak Veneer Faced Black MDF Slat Wall Panels come with a predetermined slat spacing, we understand the importance of customization. Contact us with your specific requirements, and our team will be happy to discuss bespoke options to match your unique design vision.


Q: What maintenance is required for Oak Veneer Faced Black MDF Slat Wall Panels?

These panels are designed for easy maintenance. Regular dusting with a soft cloth or a gentle vacuuming will keep the oak veneer looking pristine. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to preserve the beauty of the oak veneer finish.


Q: Are Oak Veneer Faced Black MDF Slat Wall Panels suitable for commercial spaces?

Absolutely, Oak Veneer Faced Black MDF Slat Wall Panels are versatile and well-suited for commercial applications. Their sophisticated design adds a touch of luxury to retail environments, offices, or hospitality spaces, creating a visually appealing and functional backdrop.


Q: Can the oak veneer on these panels be stained or treated with oil?

The oak veneer on these panels can be stained or treated with oil if you wish to enhance or change the colour. This flexibility allows you to customise the appearance of the oak veneer according to your specific design preferences.


Q: Can this product be used in high-humidity areas?

These panels are not recommended for high-humidity areas. While the MDF base provides some resistance to moisture, prolonged exposure to high humidity can affect the integrity of the panels. For spaces like bathrooms or kitchens, consider our Moisture Resistant MDF products for better performance.