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Birch Plywood

£38.79 excl. VAT

  • BB/BB Grade Birch Ply cut to size online.
  • Range of thicknesses from 6.5-30mm available.
  • Delivery within 3-7 working days.
  • Next day collection available (subject to size of order).
  • Panels ordered 1220mm and/or 2440mm will have an untrimmed, factory finished, edge.

Please note, grain direction follows length.


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Birch Plywood Cut to Size Online

Birch Plywood cut to size online is one of our most popular products and our personal favourite. For us, its gorgeous end grain detail makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of projects. These include…

…and many other DIY and commercial applications.

Our wide range of panel processing capabilities also enables us to provide Birch Plywood panels cut to shape, precision drilled, sanded and lacquered or laminated in a colour of your choice.

If you would like to learn more about how we can bring your Birch Ply project to life please give us a call, or drop us an email for more information. We’d love to help.

What is BB/BB Birch Plywood.

Occasionally, we are asked “What is BB/BB Birch Plywood”. Below is a guide to the most popular grades of Birch Plywood, including a summary of each grade. Below this, is a more. in-depth, description of BB/BB Birch Plywood and it’s most popular uses.

Generally, in the UK, Birch Ply is graded with one or two letters separated by a forward slash. The letter, or letters, before the slash refer to the face, the letters behind the slash refer to the reverse.

B/BB Birch Plywood

B/BB Birch Plywood is the highest grade available. The B grade face has zero patches, or repairs, and only minor natural inclusions such as very small knots. bin The reverse is a lower quality BB grade (please see BB/BB for a full description).

S/BB Birch Plywood

S/BB Birch Plywood also has a very good face but may include more natural defects and slightly larger knots. It may also include some one or two very discrete repairs. The reverse side is also a BB grade.

BB/BB Grade Birch Plywood.

BB/BB Grade Plywood sits in the middle of the grades and generally consists of 3-6 plugs or patches. Plugs or patches are used to repair open knots and are clearly visible. The face may also contain larger knots and, occasionally, natural mineral stains. This quality Birch Plywood is considered acceptable in all but the highest quality decorative applications. The quality of the reverse is usually the same quality as the face.

BB/CP Birch Ply

BB/CP Birch Ply is the lowest grade that still retains a decent decorative face. The CP reverse side will often feature large and/or open knots, discolouration, and open splits.