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Softwood Plywood

£51.88 excl. VAT

  • 18mm Siberian softwood Plywood

Please note, grain direction follows length.



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We selected our Siberian softwood Plywood for its relative “flatness” compared to other, lower quality, softwood Plywood sheets.  The boards are made up of nine plies (layers) of  various softwood species such as Spruce and Larch. Each layer is bonded with a WBP, exterior grade glue.

These boards provide low cost, good quality, constructional grade plywood sheets that are suitable a wide range of projects and applications including, but not limited to, the following…

  • Plywood roof sheeting
  • Shed roof panels
  • Garage roofs
  • Plywood wall lining
  • Site hoarding (OSB replacment)
  • Concrete shuttering plywood cut to size