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OSB Board

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OSB Board

Oriented Strand Board, OSB for short, is made from orientated layers of small chips, or strands, from fast growing, rapidly renewable trees including Poplar, Aspen and or Pine. These strands are bonded together with a mix of waxes and resins and then compressed under immense pressure to form the boards.

Due to its comparatively lower cost and stronger shear strength, when compared to Plywood, OSB has become the construction industry’s panel of choice. OSB is commonly used for sheathing under roofing systems and load bearing wall and roof applications.

OSB in and around the home

If you are lucky enough to own a shed, you may have noticed OSB board from the inside of your shed roof. However, some larger sheds, or timber built garages, will also have OSB cladding fixed to the inside of the walls. The use of this product, in these situations, is primarily to provide additional structural strength to the structure however, the most convenient benefit is somewhere to fix your tool holders and other brackets to the walls.

Apart from strength, versatility and it’s relatively low cost, OSB has an interesting and unique face. This makes it the perfect choice for creating industrial chic furniture and industrial style shelving.

Whether you are looking to upgrade or convert your shed, or create a trendy industrial look in your home, our OSB cut to size service can provide you with the panels you need.