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MDF Wall Panelling Kits

£20.16£27.36 sq m

Use our online wall panelling calculator to order your wall panelling kit. Type in the width of your wall, the height of your panelling and the number of horizontal and vertical openings and our online panelling calculator will work out the rest. Delivery within 3-5 days. Don’t forget to add your wall panelling dado rail and order your eco friendly wall panelling adhesive.

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How to order Our Shaker Wall Panelling Kit

Enter the thickness of the MDF strips

Enter the width of the MDF strips

Enter the width of your wall

The height to the top of the panelling

The number of vertical openings (per column, see example)

The number of horizontal openings (per row, see example)

For multiple walls, add the previous one to your cart and repeat the process for each additional wall.

Thickness (mm)

6, 9, 12

Panelling Width

75mm, 80mm, 100mm