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Finsa Hidrofugo – Premium Quality Moisture Resistant MDF.


  • Finsa Hidrofugo MR MDF cut to size.
  • Precision cutting.
  • Delivery within 3-5 days.
  • Same day collection available (subject to order size).
  • Panels ordered 1220mm and/or 2440mm will an untrimmed factory finish edge.
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What is Finsa Hidrofugo

Finsa Hidrofugo is a premium quality Moisture Resistant MDF board that is becoming increasingly popular with panel processing companies and kitchen and Bedroom door manufacturers.

Its unique production process involves high pressure pressing with the introduction of steam. This process ensures the board is more consistently dense throughout its entire thickness.

Why is Hidrofugo Board so Popular

Being denser than any other MR MDF on the market, the panels are are ideal for any application where machining of the face. and/or painting is involved. This makes it perfect for the production of decorative MDF panels or applications such as painted Kitchen and Wardrobe doors.

Is Hidrofugo Dimensionally Stable

Absolutely. It’s ultra dense core makes it less resistant to cupping and bowing particularly when part of the face is machined away, when machining grooves in one side, for example. Other MR MDF panels, even boards from other leading, well known, manufacturers will noticeably distort as soon as the face is machined.

Is Hidrofugo Better for Painting

Definitely. Painting the edge of MDF is always problematic due to the “fibre lift” caused by the application paint. A good quality MR MDF will make life easier however, a fair amount or work will still be required to get a good, smooth finish.

Hidrofugo’s dense core ensure a minimum amount of fibre lift and drastically reduces the amount of work to get a great painted edge. This quality is even more evident when priming and painting a machined face.

Honestly, we have completly fallen in love with is product and strongly believe this the best MR MDF you can buy and essential if you want a perfect finish on your MDF panel edges.

If you like to learn more or would like to request a sample of the Hidrofugo board, please fell free to get in touch. We’d be glad to help.

Thickness (mm)

6, 9, 12, 18, 22, 25