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Finsa Cemento Textured MDF

  • Finsa Cemento Texture MDF Board.
  • Realistic Concrete Effect MDF.

Concrete Effect MDF Board

The Finsa Cemento is a stunning Concrete Effect MDF Board that captures a very realistic texture and colour of fine, perfectly cast, concrete. Being completely honest, we were very impressed with this panel product and could see it, along with the other textured MDF panels within the Finsa TEX range,  becoming very popular for a range of applications, particularly for those looking for and attractive and unique solution for kitchen doors.

This is a brand new product for us so please bare with us whilst we ‘test the market’, gauge its response before offering it as an online ‘cut to size’ or ‘CNC routered’ product. If, in the meantime, you like to receive a sample of this gorgeous, concrete effect MDF panel, or would like to request a quotation for a particular project, please feel free to get in touch.