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Acrylic and Perspex Cut to Size For Any Project

CNC Creations carry a wide range of Perspex® acrylic sheets. We offer a reliable, and prompt cut to size service for both commercial and DIY customers. Our cutting service covers a broad and diverse range of uses. From a single plastic shed window to an intricate Perspex® sign, we have it covered.

Perspex®, a registered brand name for acrylic sheet, comes in a range of thicknesses,  colours and opacities. We provide clear, tinted, frosted and solid colours. Due to its durability, and range of uses, we believe Perspex® is the most versatile, and popular plastic sheet material available.

Perspex® Cut to Size Near Me

Our Perspex® online ordering service provides a nationwide delivery service. Orders are processed next day and delivery is within 3-5 days. At our fully equipped workshop in Northampton we can also polish, engrave or finish it to your precise specifications.

Acrylic Glazing Cut to Size

Acrylic is 50% lighter than its glass counterpart and up to 10 times resistant to impact. Acrylic is close to shatterproof and, if it does break, it will fracture into large, dull pieces. This makes it a good option when considering glazing for anywhere with children playing nearby such as garden sheds, greenhouses, summerhouses and playhouses. 

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    Aluminium greenhouse with acrylic glazing

    Replacement Glass for Outdoor Buildings

    Perspex® windows are the most popular acrylic cutting request we receive. Acrylic glazing sheets have the benefit of being clearer than glass, allowing more sunlight into your space. This makes it an ideal choice for glass panel replacement and window panes in garden buildings, particularly replacement greenhouse glass.

    Acrylic windows offer other benefits, such as being unaffected by sun exposure and salt spray. Panels are also 100% recyclable and easy to maintain. Acrylic is 20% more efficient than glass at insulating and helps to reduce temperature fluctuation. Acrylic glazing can also be used for terrace coverings, door canopies, windbreaks and boat windows.

    CNC Creations offers a complete range of professional and low cost Perspex® cutting and shaping solutions for every type of project.

    CNC Creations is the one stop shop for precision Perspex® cutting possesses. We continually invest in the latest equipment and have combined that with the experience and expertise of our craftsmen. This enables us to complete projects to the highest standards of quality and precision whilst maintaining a prompt turnaround and very competitive prices.

    We Can Help With Your Project

    Our skilled craftsmen have years of experience dealing with every type of request. We can ensure that we can produce the highest quality results for your project. We have produced acrylic cut to size or shape for window glazing, acrylic signage, retail displays and even exhibition stands.

    CNC Creations provide a reliable and cost effective acrylic sheet cutting service. We are able to provide transparent, coloured, tinted, frosted or mirrored acrylic sheets with thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 50mm.

    We have a modern and high tech CNC acrylic machining platform. This means that we can accurately cut, drill and engrave Perspex® sheets of any size. Maximum dimensions of 3660mm x 1525mm (12ft x 5ft).

    Centrally located in Northampton, CNC Creations sits at the heart of Britain’s motorway network. This allows us to easily deliver Perspex® sheet cut to size for customers in London and throughout the UK.

    If you are interested in any of our acrylic cutting services, please contact our team today. We’ll be delighted to help you. We can advise you on the exact service you need or discuss your requirements further. We’re here to help.

    summer house with acrylic glazing panels

    We are available via call or email to discuss your requirements. Feel free to contact us at  or give us a call at 01604 864888. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always on hand for free and helpful advice. 

    As an alternative you can buy acrylic sheets cut to size online.

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